QPay https://www.qpay.renovaa.com/

  • Led a dedicated development team in creating QPay, a secure online payment solution for Mobile Money payments.
  • Developed a mobile app for QPay, enabling users to seamlessly pay for services and goods such as electricity bills, water bills, and cooking gas using Mobile Money.
  • Implemented an API within QPay, allowing partners to integrate Mobile Money payments into their own applications.
  • Designed and built a desktop app for QPay partners to monitor their transactions in real time.
  • Utilized a tech stack comprising Node.js, Nest.js, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, RESTful APIs, Vue.js, JavaScript, Flutter, Dart, React, Git, and GitHub to develop and maintain the QPay platform, with a focus on both scalability and security.

QPay emerged as a preferred choice for Cash-Power electricity purchases, handling over 200,000 USD in transactions monthly. Over 10 partners integrated the QPay API into their systems. The desktop app's real-time transaction monitoring was particularly appreciated, enhancing transparency and response times.

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Connectis https://connectis.co/

  • Developed and maintained the Connectis platform, an Internet Service Provider's public WiFi network management solution.
  • Created a mobile app for users to log in, purchase timed access vouchers, monitor their consumption, chat and call for in-network communication, enhancing user experience.
  • Integrated with Cambium Networks' cnMaestro API to automate voucher generation and activation, streamlining network management.
  • Designed and implemented a managerial desktop app for efficient administration of the public WiFi network and user relations.
  • Utilized a tech stack that included Node.js, Nest.js, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, RESTful APIs, Vue.js, JavaScript, Flutter, Dart, RabbitMQ, React, Git, and GitHub for project development.

Our integration with Cambium Networks' cnMaestro API streamlined the voucher generation and activation process, making it notably efficient. As a direct result, the public WiFi network now boasts a growing user base, with over 15,000 users connecting daily on it.

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Masse-SMS https://www.massesms.renovaa.com/

  • Developed Masse-SMS, a powerful SMS messaging tool for partners, allowing them to send SMS messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.
  • Designed and implemented a desktop application for partners to upload contact lists (CSV or Excel) with various parameters, enabling easy filtering and targeting of SMS messages.
  • Created an API using Node.js and Nest.js for seamless integration of SMS messaging into partner applications.
  • Utilized MySQL for data storage, ensuring the security and management of partner contact lists.
  • Implemented GraphQL and RESTful APIs to facilitate partner interactions with the Masse-SMS platform.
  • Developed the user interface using React for the desktop application and Flutter with Dart for the mobile app.
  • Collaborated with a team to manage the project's source code using Git and GitHub.

Masse-SMS has become a pivotal tool in enhancing partner-to-customer communications, with over 5,000 SMS messages being dispatched daily through the platform.

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Qwadoo com.qwadoo.android

  • Developed a one-stop-shop platform, Qwadoo, providing clients with convenient, affordable, and high-quality spare parts and car servicing.
  • Designed and implemented two mobile apps for clients and agents, a web app, and a CRM desktop app.
  • Utilized Node.js, Nest.js, Typescript, and PostgreSQL to create a secure and performant backend for the Qwadoo App.
  • Built a cross-platform native app using Flutter and Dart, enabling users to order car parts and request car servicing seamlessly.
  • Constructed a customer relationship management desktop application using Vue.js and Electron.

The platform rapidly gained traction, attracting over 5,000 active users within the first six months. Users especially appreciated the SMS tracking feature, which kept them informed about their orders and servicing schedules and activities. The CRM desktop app notably enhanced internal processes, including financial management, agent coordination, and customer communications.

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UjuziApp https://www.ujuziapp.com/

  • Led a dedicated team in developing UjuziApp, an innovative school management and communication platform.
  • Bridged communication gaps and streamlined educational processes for schools.
  • Empowered parents to closely monitor their children's performance through mobile apps, offering access to timetables, marks, attendance, events, library usage, and more.
  • Provided comprehensive management tools for schools, covering academic affairs, transcript generation, staff oversight, and finances.
  • Created a seamless platform consisting of two mobile apps (parents and staff) and a desktop managerial app for school administrators with predefined access roles.
  • Utilized Node.js, Nest.js, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Vue.js, JavaScript, Flutter, and Dart to develop and enhance the UjuziApp platform.

UjuziApp has been adopted by over 20 schools and is actively used by 6,000 parents, 7,000 students, 500 teachers, and 50 school buses. Schools reported an increase in operational efficiency, especially in areas like academic affairs management, transcript generation, and financial management. The platform facilitated better communication between parents and schools, with parents being more actively involved in their children's academic progress and school events. The platform's SMS alert system was particularly effective and loved by parents.

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  • Developed a card-based payment system, Futuris, designed specifically for university students, enabling them to pay school fees, make purchases at university canteens, and access university transportation services using a single card.
  • Designed and implemented a validator mobile app using Flutter and Dart, which scanned the card's NFC chip to facilitate seamless transactions for students.
  • Developed a managerial desktop app utilizing Node.js, Nest.js, and Typescript, which provided administrative oversight and control over the Futuris system.
  • Leveraged MySQL for database management, enabling secure storage and retrieval of user and transaction data.
  • Established REST/RESTful APIs to facilitate communication between the validator app, desktop app, and the database, ensuring smooth data flow and real-time updates.
  • Created a user-friendly front-end interface for students and administrators using Vue.js and JavaScript, enhancing the overall user experience.

University administrators benefitted from the managerial desktop app, receiving real-time transaction insights which greatly improved financial planning and forecasting. The NFC chip scanning in the payment system enhanced security, leading to a significant reduction in both fraudulent transactions and unauthorized bus access.



  • Developed Tobongisa, a platform for reporting and communicating with companies, enabling users to post and tag companies for service or product issues.
  • Created a mobile app and web app for users and companies using Node.js, Nest.js, Typescript, MySQL, Vue.js, JavaScript, and Flutter.
  • Implemented RESTful APIs for seamless data exchange between the apps and the server.
  • Collaborated with a team to maintain and optimize the platform's functionality and security.
  • Facilitated improved customer-company communication, resulting in faster issue resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Upon its launch, Tobongisa ran successfully for six months and played a crucial role during Goma, DRCongo's 2021 volcano eruption. With local authorities lacking effective communication channels, residents extensively used the platform to exchange vital updates on the evolving situation.


Belt https://belt.africa/

  • Developed the BELT platform, facilitating rapid connections between job seekers and businesses through a web app and two mobile apps.
  • Enabled employers to post job listings and streamlined worker profile uploads, ensuring hiring after a rigorous screening process.
  • Leveraged Node.js and Nest.js for the backend, incorporating TypeScript to enhance code maintainability and reliability.
  • Utilized MySQL for database management, enabling efficient data storage and retrieval for job listings and worker profiles.
  • Designed and implemented REST/RESTful APIs focusing on security and seamless communication between the web app and mobile apps, enhancing user experience.
  • Employed Vue.js and JavaScript for front-end development, creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Developed mobile apps for workers and users using Flutter and Dart, ensuring a consistent and responsive cross-platform experience.

The BELT platform found its niche primarily with NGOs, which utilises it to source field agents. A significant portion of the platform's interactions take place directly between its administrators and the hiring companies.

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  • Developed the MSE platform for health insurance companies, facilitating end-to-end oversight of internal and external operations, including member registration and hospital attendance.
  • Created a managerial desktop application to ensure seamless management of all aspects of health insurance operations.
  • Designed and implemented a mobile app that utilized Flutter and Dart for scanning member cards, enabling functionalities such as logging members at hospitals, checking them out, generating bills, and retrieving member information.
  • Utilized Node.js and Nest.js for backend development, with an emphasis on security, leveraging TypeScript and MySQL for database management.
  • Implemented a REST/RESTful APIs to enable efficient communication between different components of the MSE platform.
  • Utilized Vue.js and JavaScript for the front-end development, providing a user-friendly interface for health insurance company personnel.

Following MSE's implementation, health insurance companies witnessed a surge in operational efficiency, eliminating tedious manual processes like member registration and hospital attendance logging. The mobile app transformed interactions between insurance representatives and members. By simply scanning a member card with their phone, representatives gained immediate access to member details, accelerating processes and reducing wait times at hospitals. Hospitals experienced a smoother billing process, ensuring swifter reimbursements.

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Bamboo243 https://bamboo243.com/

  • Designed and built the payment module for Bamboo243, an international E-Commerce platform.
  • Developed a microcontroller-based rig to facilitate remote mobile money withdrawals and payments, enhancing the platform's payment capabilities.
  • Bridged the gap between traditional mobile money systems and online payments, resulting in a seamless payment experience with reduced transactional charges.
  • Ensured compliance with industry standards and regulations, prioritizing user trust, safety and security.
  • Utilized MySQL, RESTful APIs, C, and C# in the project's tech stack to enable secure payments and streamlined shipping procedures.

After Bamboo243's launch, it swiftly gained traction across East Africa, becoming a preferred platform for cross-border purchases. The introduction of the microcontroller-based rig revolutionized mobile money transactions on the platform, cutting down transaction costs relative to conventional e-commerce platforms. Bamboo243's standout feature was its ability to streamline international shopping, pairing secure payments with efficient shipping, setting a new benchmark in the e-commerce space.